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At Atlas American School of Malaga, we implement a comprehensive education program. An education that combines the acquisition of curricular content, the development of personal skills of inquiry, reflection and communication, and the developmentof a personality with a critical spirit, an international mentality and a vocation for leadership and community service. Our curriculum allows access to the University both in Spain and abroad.

At Atlas American School we give great importance to the mastery of language, since it is the instrument of thought. The work in class and at home, the type of projects and work that students do, enables a high level of reading comprehension and a great ability to expose and articulate ideas, both in writing and verbally. This guarantees the maximum development of intellectual capacities and simplifies the learning of the different subjects, both in humanities and science.

Our educational proposal is based on putting the new generations in contact with reality. This is the purpose of any curriculum and the teacher acts as the medium who helps the child or young person to enter into reality and get to know it. The occasions for this are: reading, learning a discipline, sports, theater, singing, dialogue. All this allows the intellectual, moral and aesthetic maturation of the student. We know that the teacher is the key, because every educational proposal is a personal proposal. To make present the good, the true and the beautiful, through a group of passionate people who have a true educational vocation is the foundation to form our young people.