Head of School’s Welcome


Letter from the Head of School

Welcome to Atlas American School of Malaga!

Our mission is to “promote superior academic achievement, mastery of skills and content, and foster moral citizenship.” This statement guides our decisions as we embark upon an incredible journey to build a thriving learning community along the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. 

At Atlas, you will find a diverse team of educators geared towards the empowerment and education of all students. With moral citizenship at the core, we aim to facilitate the development of students into well-rounded, responsible, and lifelong learners that are prepared to become active global citizens.

We seek to establish a dynamic, safe, and positive learning environment in which all students feel comfortable taking risks and all voices are encouraged to openly participate. A student-centered approach to education and the relationships between the staff and students assist in making this a reality. Authentic educational opportunities activate the intrinsic motivation that all of us possess to learn. This comes to life inside and outside the classroom at all grade levels as students are immersed in numerous opportunities to learn and grow.

Our world is a collection and a result of decisions that each of us makes on a daily basis. Our actions are what build this world, and on our students, the world will come to depend. Through a supportive network of students, families, and teachers, we will push Atlas to incredible heights. I look forward to celebrating the achievements of our community together over the coming years!

With an open-door policy, both figuratively and literally, I hope that you come in and get to know us.

All the best,

Trevor Sargent, Head of School